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Enterprise Marketing Website


Has begun to take shape, or specifically for the corporate image of the company pay more attention tailored to strengthen the basis of the layout to meet the diverse needs of the enterprise. Beautifully designed with SGNST website building program, so that both the image of the site, but also to achieve the purpose of marketing.

Specifically for this type of site has a strong dependence on network marketing, and focus on corporate image packaging tailored. Product Type with search engine optimization, professional SEO optimization techniques to provide for the whole station, the pursuit of maximizing the effect of network marketing.


Enterprise Marketing packagesPrice:S$ 18680


International Business Domain:.COM,1yr

Website file space: 4Gb,1yr

Website database space: 1Gb,1yr

Static IP: One Sharing,1yr

Mail: 3Gb,20 accounts,1yr


All the Publicity packages contained

SEO Optimization Management System

Online files management system

Link Management System

Website self-service backup and restore system

Online Service System

Voting Management system


Technical Support services: 5days*8hrs*1yr

System Upgrade services: 7days*8hrs*1yr

System Security and Protection Services:1 yr


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