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Personal blog Website


Blog is to network as a carrier, easy quickly and easily publish their ideas, timely and effective and easily communicate with others, then set colorful personalized display in one integrated platform.

We offer a variety of styles and special features, which makes crafting a different blog, allowing users to enjoy the sway of their talent and emotion on the network.


Personal blog packagesPrice:S$ 11660


International Business Domain:.COM,1yr

Website file space: 2Gb,1yr

Website database space: 300Mb,1yr

Static IP: One Sharing,1yr


Professional page design and website planning

Content Management System

Guests management system

Album management system

Comments Management System

Characteristics plug-in management system


Technical Support services: 5days*8hrs*1yr

System Upgrade services: 7days*8hrs*1yr

System Security and Protection Services:1 yr


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