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Comprehensive Industry Website


Suitable for e-commerce operations carried out within the industry, the integration of enterprise information resources and units within the industry.

We usually put the industry Web site into three categories: ownership, operational nature and administrative nature;

Ownership: use of corporate leadership in the industry and created to industry information resources integration, expansion of corporate image advertising purposes, such as pharmaceutical companies to establish a medical information portal;

Operational nature: the use of its own technology, operational strengths and other resources established to integrate information resources, to provide services for the industry supply and demand sides so as to achieve profitable purposes;

Administrative nature: the use of industry appeal and social credibility to promote the integration of industry resources, services, industries and enterprises and users to improve the visibility of the area industry, conducted for the purpose of investment, such as tourism authorities to establish local travel portal.


Comprehensive Industry packagesPrice:S$ 36880


International Business Domain:.COM,1yr

Website file space: 15Gb,1yr

Website database space: 5Gb,1yr

Static IP: One Dedicated,1yr

Mail: 10Gb 100 accounts,1yr


All the content of the E-commerce packages contained

Sub-regional multi-level information management system

Sub-category multi-level information management system

Ad Management System

Community forum management system

Other diversified management system


Technical Support services: 5days*8hrs*1yr

System Upgrade services: 7days*8hrs*1yr

System Security and Protection Services:1yr


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