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Focus on the user experience, improve page rank within the station

Time:23-05-2014 15:30:00
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 This year , I believe that many owners have found a problem that the site home page ranking in , and the site 's pages rank no . Stations for all businesses , this is not a small blow. Why exactly is all this ?

First, companies stand products
    I believe many people know that companies stand mainly products, many station is only responsible for helping corporate website to upload product images and related parameters , seldom the product description, etc. , thus leading to the site of repeated page is too high , internal page rank certainly influential .
Second, the contents of the collection
    I believe that many companies do original station chief , find yourself searching the contents of the article , the result is essentially a home appear red . So for Baidu for combating corporate acquisition will inevitably harming the original station site.
Thrid, the originality of the page
    No matter what the industry , I believe that everyone has his different views . Like we just took over a site , the content appears to do nothing , but you look carefully you will find a lot of articles ranking page content belong to the inferior article , we can from this point of view, to improve the content of the article to the user increases the added value.
Forth, the frequency of updating pages
    No rules no standards , the site is the same, we should give themselves early on site to develop operational programs , and to resolutely implement , regularly updated articles , search engines , it is very friendly . Respect for each other as everyone else , will have a very good friend .
Fifth, internal links
    A quality website , there will certainly be a lot of natural links . The internal links in your article is valuable to users , and users feel when he reproduced will help to more people , then your article weight naturally go up , and will be very stable. This is what we often say that the heart of altruism .
Down the right of any page within a website , there are reasons for it , of course, is not ranked because of misjudgment down the right cause , but for owners , as long as we focus on the user experience , then down the right site for us to said only temporary, our intentions to pay , will return the user's recognition.
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