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Talk about doing a website what needs to be done

Time:23-05-2014 15:27:31
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 Now, take off the Internet era, more and more people are slowly integrated into this new era , so a new generation of owners have gradually increased, so did the construction company web site is not the purpose , but also individual efforts , if you work hard not personally responsible for your own website site is not able to do to succeed? everyone knows the answer is certainly not afford to do , then you want to make the site not just the so-called network construction company , following me to light hope you talk about the experience "comrades " who advise.

First, the site must be ready to make the face of setbacks , do not be smooth sailing this site is essential Why do you say , I think you go through a long career webmaster knows that the early opening will certainly encounter site I think a lot of difficulties you experienced a long career webmaster knows , the early sites open will certainly encounter many difficulties , if you do not have this mental preparation, in case any problems arise website was really much you 'll even blow directly to the site shut down .
    So, you want to do really good site must be ready to face the risks in advance , ready to face the difficulties faced strong pressure at any time , the network society and the reality of our society is completely different, just as we have three excellent Internet experience for six months the ups and downs, I do own dedicated server , and our industry and other industries are not the same , the first person who rented the whole server itself is small, the intensity of competition is quite large, so our IDC server industry psychological stress faced difficult to master , you must have a mind to face gracefully !
Secondly , do not be afraid to fail site , because you're afraid of failure you will not have the courage to try again , fail you can ponder the reason for failure is to summarize what is your future success paved road, good old saying that failure is success you do not experience the failure of the mother , how can it be successful , in fact, failure is not terrible , terrible is that you failed , but the courage to stand up in the success percentage is a scientific statistics , 1,000 people who had three successful author it's just a metaphor , oh , this is not far from the actual data , only three thousand people are successful , this data has been terrible , do not go back, failed synonyms is back , and I will never back down !
Then , you want to make the site must be responsible for the site , if you are not responsible for your own website only do you harm , we should always stand to update the contents of his love , because many websites put "food" will be able to attract to visit reptiles, enhance your website can play a very good effect , if you often do not take care of your own website then you would not have come this reptile " eating " , even after all this will not come again Debu loss of taste , and does not want to become a loser, attentive care is essential, should stand as his love everyday tasks, responsible for it in the end .
Summing up the above points are good aspects of a website needs to do, as long as you are willing to work hard to pay confident that your website will surely have a successful day , you will have the desire to succeed achievement glory days of the day, I believe we can do better to your site , leaving a brilliant process.
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