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Several common solution can not restart the server

Time:23-05-2014 15:24:25
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 First, when the system starts to display list of operating systems , press F8 advanced boot options appears ;

. a Safe mode: load only essential services and drivers .
Used to solve the installation of additional hardware drivers or software, resulting in the system does not start . Choose Safe mode, if we enter the operating system to uninstall additional drivers or software.
b.Last known good: the start time of a successful configuration.
Used to solve for the drive system , and service after the wrong configuration can cause the system to boot . Select Last known good can be restored to a normal configuration logon .
c.VGA Mode: Start your computer using the standard 16-color VGA mode 640x480 resolution.
Used to solve the display configuration errors, such as resolution or refresh rate is set too high resulting in Huaping black .
d.Directory Service Restore Mode: Directory Services Restore Mode .
If the server you select this mode Service directory service is not working properly Directory, enter the directory service can run ntdsutil.exe maintenance of Domain Controller, and .
Two , Recovery Console: Recovery Console.
If you do not start from safe mode and other advanced startup options , you can use the Recovery Console.
Into Recoveronsole approach:
a. starting from Win2003 CD or 4 installation diskette.
b. choose R to repair the installation process .
c. follow the prompts to select C into Recovery Console.
After entering the Recovery Console command can be used to repair the system by using the following :
a.fixboot: repair the boot sector
b.fixmbr: repair the master boot record
c.copy: from a floppy disk , CD-ROM copy the file to your hard drive ( you can access NTFS partitions )
Three , Emergency Repaire: Emergency repair.
Used to repair damaged system files missing, registry corruption , environmental destruction and so the boot .
A. normal production Emergency Repaire Disk ( Emergency Repair Disk ) in the system :
. a Click Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Backup
b. Choose Emergency Repaire Disk ( Emergency Repair Disk ) in the Welcome tab
B. Use the Emergency Repair Disk :
a. use Win2003 CD or floppy boot installation 4
b. choose R to repair the installation process
c. follow the prompts to select R to use the emergency repair disk repair.
d. then select the type of repair
I.fast repair ( quick fix ) : You can fix the registry , system files, boot sector, boot environment.
II.manual repaire ( manual repair ) : You can manually select the repair option , but can not repair the registry .
e. After the repair is complete, the system reboots
Note : need to use the emergency repair process winnt
File epair directory, making emergency repairs completed late Do not delete or modify files in this directory .
Fourth, the use Boot Disk.
Used to solve the boot sector damage , C: root directory of the boot files are missing due to not properly guided .
a. Win2003 In any one format a floppy disk .
The following file this station win2003 c b copied to the root directory of the floppy : ntldr, ntdetect.com, boot.ini ( hidden files )
c. modify the boot.ini file , if this failure Win2003 and win2003 machine installed on the same partition, you do not need to modify .
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