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Where several aspects to guide visitors to the site in Singapore

Time:23-05-2014 15:21:56
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 In the design of the site , how to effectively guide the user , I believe that most of these cases occurred SEOER have it .

    Visitors enter the home without a second click , and the choice is out of the page. Not the depth of view , Spider will be recorded . This phenomenon , to improve the site for the weight on the negative impacts. Therefore . How to design a good Web page , visitors can guide a second click on it?
The higher the depth visitor page views , fully reflects the value of the site with the content readable . Long-term accumulation , weight increase, the flow will be significantly improved. Exactly how to effectively guide the user to continue browsing the web ? And then double or multiple clicks. We briefly to the following aspects :
1, the current value of the page
    Whether the user can browse depth , this is of particular importance . In other words , where a conversion is the basis . So, this page or home page, to show the value of a certain content to users .
Necessary to effectively interpret images show new products , but also fully demonstrate the current market. When a user browses to time , you should have a secondary click. Thus , a web graphic information display screen is particularly important. The basic content of the site is important , are shown here . So, the point is the site of an important value lies.
2 , the second page click on boot logo
    This also needs to be indicated . For example , authorized users of the current page and would like to see some of the lot . But it can not be found , which would lead to the loss of users . So, mark the relevant page of the association , but also the need to clear this point includes two signage :
a, a single product identification guide association
b, a single product selectivity boot logo
These two boot logo , is that we are now as common. What is the specific identification guide to be used , according to an industry need for site -based. After all , industry users need access to the contents of the concept is different. This point is a point that needs to be considered in the page designer , who is planning to join the site in advance of the page .
3 , page summary at the end . What kind of products are all heads and tails of . Can not be infinite display it, belongs to which remote distant nature. Therefore . When the finished product when the narrative , but also need to inform visitors . Equivalent Thus, a plot of the outcome.
In short, the flow and weight of the site , or to enhance the conversion rate , and pages are inseparable . The effect of the page the user experience , is particularly important . Of course, the point needs to penetrate the search engines. Furthermore, the most important thing is to be able to effectively retain users .
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