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Site Topics page layout optimization techniques in Singapore website

Time:23-05-2014 15:17:09
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 We have to do the layout of the station layout is not usually say the station within the chain , but another kind of thematic layout inside the station . This thematic layout can get long tail traffic for the latter word , so we called the optimization of transcendence . Ranked topic pages long tail keywords can intercept all traffic , making the topic are the following points :

First, keyword analysis needs
    Search the keywords which users have requirements that we should meet . General users want to know the product price , pictures, technology. These contents must appear inside our topic page . If the class is doing blog topics go dig a keyword other technologies , such as the needs of the long tail of other words long tail words mining tool for word what the long tail , long tail term , long-tailed word optimization, long-tail words inquiries. In our pages inside this aggregation would have all of these articles . These articles also must be our own processed , value-added articles in other articles which can not see our content.
    Second, the thematic catalog using keywords spelling
    For example, I want to make a presentation on the long tail of the word, then the directory path using / changwei / or / changweici /. Note that the spelling is not greater than three , the best word spelling as well, because too difficult for users to understand the meaning . Thematic keywords must pass screening, not just a name. For example, long-tail words , within the chain , the chain has a kind word search results , there is no index or not commonly used words not suitable as a topic keywords. The reason is that the search less, then make up no significance. But we can not use the " long tail words how mining" inside the " mining" , constitute a concept.
Third, comments , discussion boards
    If there is a discussion of the needs of key words, such as farming techniques . Search the word home has Baidu Post Bar , then we can be content Baidu Post Bar calls to the topic or call to discuss our own forum . You can also make comments on topics discussed in the forum page , the message edit box as simple as possible , just use the name and message content on it.
Fourth, to promote the topic and do outside the chain
    Our topic is on the two columns , most of the time the weight is relatively low , a collection of relatively slow. This time we need to make a topic for the chain , you can also make links to the topic page , you can use our platform to do blog promotion topics. These promotional effect is relatively small, so the text should be soft and QQ group promotion, allowing users to click to visit our topic .
Anyway topic page is the site of a micro site which , in this micro site which aggregates all about quality content sites inside one topic. Then as a separate site to optimize and promotion , post this topic page can intercept a lot of long-tail words flow .
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