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What are the important content marketing website operators have

Time:23-05-2014 15:15:15
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 First, demand analysis and sorting

For a site operations personnel , the most important thing is to understand the needs , on this basis, the proposed site specific improvement proposals and programs , and programs for these proposals to be discussed is analyzed together with you , to confirm whether feasible . When necessary , but also for investigation and evidence collection or analysis of statistics , comprehensive named desirability of these proposals and programs.
Demand for innovation , directly determines the characteristics of the site, there will be more valuable characteristics of the site , will attract more users to use. For example , the article edited Sina Each years, often providing highly relevant content with the content of another link for readers to choose , to take full account of the needs of the user's interest . Changes in website promotion detail , it should be generated for the user to grasp the needs -based .
Addition , the analysis also includes the study of the needs of competitors . Research competitors' products and services , to see what they have recently made ​​a new one , these changes are not really judge has value . If we can bring value to the user , then , which no doubt implemented .
Second, channel content development
Channel content development , website promotion is important work operations. The entire site , in fact you will feel content in doing this for some information portals , the feeling will be more apparent. Website content, determines how you do is a kind of website . Of course , there are some features of the site , for example, search , instant messaging , etc., only provides a feature that allows you to use these features. But do not forget that ultimately it is the use of these features in order to obtain the desired information.
Channel content development , more work is done by a dedicated editorial staff to complete, including the channel sections planning, information editing and uploading information to improve the quality of content and so on . Editors , Web site operators also work done within the scope of the work site operations are an important component members.
   Content development , is the process of a long-term accumulation . Improve the quality of site content , it should be the ultimate goal to pursue editorial staff . Many small sites , or some large sites , the site editor will assume the role of website promotion operations personnel. Not only responsible for editing information , but also to raise demand , and so do the program .
Third, site planning
Site planning, including preliminary market research, feasibility analysis , planning documentation writers , business process description and much more. Planning is the key to building site, a site that only really good planning , and eventually will likely be a good website.
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