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In Singapore to discuss how to plan for the later development of the site

Time:23-05-2014 15:37:14
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 Late for a site development plan for the site where the industry needs to have a detailed understanding of the industry but also have the ability to predict . This is the core of the planning , but also from the point where the site is just words to get ranked without affecting breakthrough . Later development on the whole site there are three core ideas : marketing strategy , long-tailed word planning , brand building .

First, how to determine the site's marketing strategy :
( 1 ) According to the analysis of industry characteristics
For example, the medical industry , customers are short-term customer, the customer has the timeliness, and has a very strong consulting needs, and the industry is not conducive to building long-term relationships with customers. For example , the letter microblogging marketing stage in the medical profession is not vigorously implemented , because it is not conducive to building long-term relationships. Therefore, public health micro-channel platform than its industry generally difficult . This is the main point is that in order to be able to build long-term relationships and clients to better implement microblogging letter . But it also illustrates the prevalence of news sources and Q & A platform Nagao word ranking good reason , because patients generally have a strong demand for consulting and information needs. Now able medical micro-channel marketing, the key is , micro-channel to meet the needs of the customer inquiries , and the other two did not meet .
Summed up is this: is not conducive to building long-term relationships ; client has a strong consulting needs ; customer demand has great information about money ; customers are mostly one-time deal.
( 2 ) analysis to determine the direction of marketing
According to industry characteristics will be able to know how to make the site , or that health care is fast becoming a news source , Q & A sites and micro-channel marketing can stop street , want to build a QQ group to gather customer or as a way to build long-term relationships in general does not work .
( 3 ) improve the implementation of the program to prepare
Down is the staff and funding as well as the expected results and complete assessment and implementation of programs arranged according to the marketing orientation.
Second, how to plan for long-tail keywords site :
( 1 ) The website for all directory content page for analysis
A. screened included content and get ranked ;
B. screened not included and optimized for prioritization ( in favor of the conversion of a certain amount of search as a priority , and vice versa ) optimization ;
( 2) The fact is ( 1 ) the results of treatment, has received the title pages ranking simplified , more are optimized for sex ; did not get indexed and ranked for the fine-tuning and can give the advantage given to the entrance .
How to simplify the title ?
The theme or title page split multiple keywords go to Baidu search , you will see Baidu prompted more keywords to see which words are most in line with the page content and then set keywords.
Third, how to build brand website :
Want a Web site can be long , just as companies want to make a long-lasting must have its own brand.
( 1 ) create a user container to increase the viscosity of the user
For example , customers can create a product group or QQ YY channels easy for users to gather customer visits , increasing the viscosity of the site.
Exposure ( 2 ) increased website
For example, a word of your brand when others in your industry no matter which search words , as long as your brand can search for words related to your site , then your brand will be gradually established.
( 3 ) exposure of the label your ICO
When your site has a certain degree of press and exposure time, when a certain brand Baidu will release your brand ICO thereby greatly enhancing your brand uniqueness and authority. But to do this requires considerable weight and visibility as well as the cumulative authority to websites do .
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