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Some sites can not ignore search engine ranking algorithm

Time:23-05-2014 15:35:51
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 Now the network has a new website ranking concept , SEOer will be referred to the voting algorithm. Principles of search engine algorithms to vote or user experience, straightforward to say that a network user to evaluate the site, the higher the value of their vote in the search engine rankings to get more forward , the right to be given a higher weight .

Way search engines used to assess the value of the site has a lot to vote , the most direct expression of the sites included , website information , station link , web hits, website traffic , website bounce rate and user retention time for the largest search engines - Baidu , as well as its share calculations anti links , links and so on.
Site Index
    Site Index reflected in syntax or that the site Baidu index volume, is a search engine for web content an affirmation , and user experience through high-quality information on the content of the exhibition participation site's ranking on search engines , to be released from the high-quality the value of the content , the more votes obtained higher.
Website content
    Web content optimization has been an important part of the author emphasized that only quality content sites in order to ensure access to good information flow and user viscosity.
Site Links
    Within the chain can be said that the station was the largest vote , which can identify the high conversion rate and flow within the chain of the page and then the path to conversion pages, with the chain guide Internet users to another page , which formed within a voting station form .
Website hits
    Web site hits and page views are actually a network user viscosity proved to get a strong audience for high user experience will have a higher vote value.
Website Bounce Rate
    Bounce rate is SEOer in Webmaster Tools shows a more common term , mainly to see the user 's browsing experience , the event website bounce rate is high , then the adverse impact on the site is great.
User dwell time
    Users stay on the site is the most can reflect the value of the site , stay longer , the greater the user 's site proved helpful , the more valuable the site content , the higher the turnout obtained .
Mastered the form of search engine which is calculated after the voting algorithm , we can have targeted the site for maintenance. Understand the likes and dislikes of network users , using the current user the most acceptable way to improve the site's main push information and keywords, so to get the website conversion rates by analyzing the user's attractive and viscosity of website content , to complete the ultimate goal of network marketing .
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