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How to create a brand image through B2C mall details

Time:23-05-2014 16:37:39
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 B2C mall in the development process , and for those who have already crossed the pre- existence test, revenues have certain basic sites, can be the key to further expansion and development of the mall is the ability to build brand image . This brand will be carried out in the client browser , the process of buying a large amount of useful information transfer , for example : This mall is very professional, this mall price special offers, product quality , this mall is particularly good ...... and so on. Here I talk about how to build on the practical experience of B2C mall brand image through the details .

A detail image building , identify the location of the mall
Given the existence of a large number of competitors , the mall in order to stand out , you must have an accurate positioning, with its own core competencies. To their owners in the mall when you can think about positioning themselves compared to other competitors , the advantage in any place, and our objective is to maximize the expansion of these advantages.
For example, because you can get first-hand sources , so the price is the mall 's core competencies. So in website design , customer service training, soft paper released when it is necessary to concentrate firepower publicity , to make all customers have access to this information .
Image building detail II: unified mall sign
We give their mall design a beautiful, simple, professional logo , then any one of these signs in part related to the customer experience . Generally, these links include the following aspects :
1 , web interface design
Web interface designed to be widely used to store signs , allowing customers to browse the Web in the process of constantly being hidden behind the unification flag "brand image" of the subconscious .
2 , interface design, e-mail , QQ and any other tools to communicate with customers
E-mail , then the signature bar best uniform company logo , QQ and other online customer service system , it is best to replace the picture into a unified company logo . In addition , like any client company 's blog , microblogging and other interfaces may have to browse to the image of a unified logo .
3, the product invoices, delivery slips and any other form of printed materials, promotional materials , etc.
In the mall shipment list , on the express orders , as well as any other form of print and promotional materials, the company must be printed on a unified visual identity .
Through past experience shows that the extensive use of a unified visual identity in these areas , to be able to convey a subliminal customers : professional, formal , positive influence of big business , potentially increasing trust of customers, improve order turnover rate .
Image building detail 3: The mall staff professional training
Brand Mall , a large part is dealing with staff and clients by passing out . For customers, the quality of the image and the staff for their service on behalf of this basic mall 's image and quality , so we must not ignore the professional training of staff , in general, these training includes :
1 , customer communication skills training classes include: answer the phone tone, language , conflict resolution methods , and so on . Training in this area can refer to a large company's customer service phone call , that is how the staff to answer the phone. In addition, also included on the QQ, online customer service system and other software how to conduct good and customers to communicate effectively , need for training in this area also .
2 , expertise class training : To any customer may ask to have the expertise of staff in a comprehensive training . Meanwhile , to regularly update staff knowledge and assessment.
3 , sales training classes : the need for staff training in sales techniques , improve sales success rate. Generally speaking , the more the customer buying behavior , the mall will be on a more satisfactory form purchase inertia.
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