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Resulting in low traffic, website weight low three major factors

Time:23-05-2014 16:32:30
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 Traffic is the site of blood , weight congestion fine enough to ensure the site 's foundation. Many owners in the process of doing stand will encounter a similar problem: Website Snapshot renewed day by day , the site is also quite impressive amount included , but the traffic and weight of the site is stagnant. What is the reason? Summed up the three main crux is the key.

First, the hardware reasons
1 , the site is a new station : still in Baidu audit observation period . Baidu observation period for the new station will be 1-3 months in the audit period, the new station will update the content , quantity, etc. outside the chain dynamics observed within this period will not attract traffic from Baidu basically . It should be noted that this review period has gradually extended trend novice webmaster needs to have enough patience .
2, the space problem : Space is the foundation of a site, if the site space is often inaccessible or too slow loading of the phenomenon , it will extremely affect Baidu spider crawling frequency and interest.
3 , the site rectification problem: If the site has done a massive rectification, such as the deletion of a large number of site content or substantial structural adjustment will make the search engines vigilant observation and re- site audit .
Second, the content of reasons.
1 , original content too few : if the majority of the site content is collected using the clumsy way to get a large number of the same old stuff , then the search engines will think your site is not the value of a collection , flow , weight and other aspects of nature will not let you taste the sweetness .
2 , the site is not clear theme : the site does not do around a certain theme , simple random , patchwork , piecemeal content , the correlation is not high. This site is a grocery store type in a search engine is difficult to start when the data is backed up , not even to help classify your site , so right up your site's weight is difficult .
3 , the site structure is irrational : the need for structural design of the site search engine crawlers be a good guide to ensure that reptiles can traverse the content of your site . The most basic requirement is that each page can be accessed through a link at least reach . If the page is a strong correlation , it is best to establish efficient links between pages within the page .
4 , site update frequency is too slow : do not covet the site once , should the site content that is needed after the shelves , waiting for search engines to patronize . The most popular search engines are those that "live live " website, it is best to do original content updated daily .
Third, the popularity of the reasons
A number of the chain is too small : link building is to enhance the site 's most popular respects . If the content of a website done very well , but there is no certain number outside the chain as a support , then this website will be search engines that little value.
2 , Links little relevance : A study of computer hardware sites , but with a lot of fitness , Links to lose weight class, even very large weights of these links , nor will the weight of their own websites and traffic have much help . Baidu is now more and more attention correlation links , relations are often not treated as invalid link link .
3 , having an affair with spam : Enhanced website popularity has a high-voltage lines , that is, " acquainted ." Do beware of contaminated garbage site, cut off all relations can be linked with all the garbage station link . Dumpster like a virus , spread unchecked , but survival time is very short, once you have been found search engine associated with the garbage station , then your site is not life president .
Website to get good rankings and traffic , content, structure and popularity are the three core elements . Of course, do not forget to stop the process of the user experience this ultimate goal. You should always consider your site for ordinary users have much appeal. After the measure of a website is to reach a certain level, you need to consider an ordinary visitor to your site , put your address into whether Favorite .
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