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Corporate website SEO optimization should pay attention to the eight questions

Time:23-05-2014 16:31:00
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 Corporate website SEO optimization should pay attention to :

1, business website optimization with a purpose : to clearly understand what the ultimate goal of the corporate website SEO is . Rankings do not just to rank !
2, the correct attitude , less extremes : You can not hurry even if not received the list of website optimization companies do not be afraid ! . With data analysis , combined with enterprise features its own advantages and product optimization and promotion.
3 , the traditional concept of SEO changes: learn to adapt to the industry status quo , identify the best ways to promote corporate Web site , can not die move rigidly SEO those old routines . Times are changing , technology is changing , people walking in front of you for a reason , not a coincidence !
4 , in-depth analysis of customer habits and needs : Yes, the customer is God. So we have to know how to analyze customer psychology and habits as well as the customer's preferences. This is why long tail keywords where one of the reasons to have a high conversion rate .
5 , adequate professional industry content : Enterprise web content if not professional , they fail to reflect the degree of business expertise and technical strength. The indirect effects of customer trust business or website , will reduce the volume to a certain extent .
6 , page layout is simple : the customer comes to your website , not look fancy Flash animations and beautifully designed ad , they're looking for is right for you, need, is more concerned with the quality , price, features description, use effects, etc. , a detailed description of the product and any and all information about .
7, The contents of the boot : the lack of a site or a content guide , not a website with successful marketing ability . Do not flowery , where appropriate , the timing of customer directed to the final transaction page , is the most critical .
8 , the conversion page : Even some of the steps in front of you to do better , no final decision 's ultimate success or failure to promote the conversion page , that the ultimate effect is unsatisfactory .
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