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When the need to avoid four kinds of website optimization happening

Time:23-05-2014 16:30:34
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 First, the title keyword stuffing

Webmasters get good rankings for a short period , often only title keyword stuffing in website optimization method , generally up to 80 characters in the title , the title should be careful when choosing not to go free after the change , keyword stuffing is examples of a few down the right , the new station is we still do basic work step by step , the search engines do not give a bad impression .
Second, a large number of duplicate content
Many novice webmaster to save time website optimization , it is usually collected will be used or reproduced way to fill the content of the site , this will cause a lot of duplicate content , if found by search engines is very dangerous to start the search engine will repeat deleted , the search engines do not like duplicate content indexed , which is a lot of stations that can not be included in the reasons why the original content of the site to try , even if the content is reproduced also slightly modified , so as to attract Baidu spider , site pre- or multi- pass some original content to attract search engines at the same time more attractive to visitors , although time -consuming , but the effect is indeed effective.
Third, the outer chain optimization unreasonable
Website optimization , the chain is essential, generally outside the chain of roughly divided into several optimization unreasonable conditions, the first one is outside the chain over a single platform is focused on several platforms , this is just a lot of webmasters for opportunistic outside the chain sent to the high weight of several sites , we have to learn to put your eggs in different baskets , the chain has increased such a station would be considered junk chain , so there is no effect outside the chain , the first two is the use of software outside the chain , which is a method of cheating , a little early with what the search engine can not find Fortunately , once the search engines find the site will be down right or is K, so the outer chain optimization must be reasonable , Do not go riding the red line.
Fourth, the chain optimization unreasonable
Website optimization is very important part of the chain is an important means to improve the page weight , but webmasters often use unreasonable , basically divided into several cases , some articles in the chain is too much, some of which will be the key to a lot of different words point to the same link , these are unreasonable , within the chain of an article generally better controlled to less than three .
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