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How to improve marketing website turnover?

Time:23-05-2014 15:41:12
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 Mentioned website optimization , I think many people first thought is the title optimization, code optimization , but for such an era of change, whether traditional seo can meet user demand for it now ? Marketing website Final Fantasy aim is to find quasi-market to obtain benefits , so in this day and age , common seo is to maximize the benefits can not be done . We urgently need a transition type ------ marketing seo is why?

First, the marketing website is the user needs
As long as the money is being represented sites can be regarded as commercial websites , established commercial websites purpose is very clear , is to attract traffic to bring the deal. But many traditional seo focus is one-sided, blindly seeking to improve rankings and traffic. Traffic may come up , but in the end , but no customers, this is a very sad thing. Therefore , the ability to seo seo and marketing strategies will not only be able to solve the integration flow problems, but also
Able to solve customer problems . Reached the site for commercial purposes , in order to reflect the value.
Second, how to do seo marketing type
Different from other types of seo marketing seo thinking of a broader , more specific purpose , to maximize the benefits .
1 , positioning direction
Type seo marketing you need to find the direction of what the site is commercial profit point is the need to promote the marketing direction type seo , seo only a means to the ultimate purpose only. Filter out meaningless users can generate for the transaction of the largest crowd to do promotion.
2 , identify methods
There are many ways Seo promotion , blog promotion, forum promotion , QQ group marketing, email marketing, search engine ranking , B2B/B2C platform promotion. Seo promotion is one of skill. But the site is not suitable for all different promotion . Specific ways to promote the industry should comply with current user groups . If the user groups , did not use the blog , do blog promotion is a waste of time .
3 , Marketing + seo
Found that many lucrative industry sites , many of which are single-page , but it can get very large amount of users . In fact, this is a blend of marketing seo methods. For example . Sell ​​products, blindly show the role and advantages of the product. Or using a large role in the length of the case to illustrate the product . Although both can be achieved by a very good seo ranking, but the latter will be much higher than the turnover rate of the former. So through the rational distribution of the page , into marketing ideas will satisfy users a greater degree , resulting in benefits .
How much volume , not just a good website ranking can be, or need their own efforts to guide the user in order to achieve customer satisfaction and demand, I think the turnover rate naturally increased.
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