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Website User Experience Analysis: excellent interface is invisible

Time:23-05-2014 15:39:27
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 Truly outstanding user interface will be ignored, and poor interface design is to force users to pay attention , not content. Users are accessing the site with a purpose : to buy new books , learning JQuery, share the article with your friends, discover new music , writing a novel or just find the nearest destination. They do not come just for playing interface . In fact , users do not care about interface design. Over the years, missing desktop systems to establish a model and interactive tools , have allowed people to start thinking about the user interface , how does it play a role ? How to design elegance or less points ? But you really need to be concerned about this?

Users already familiar with the pattern and composition of the interface elements, but they do not care. Over the years , web designers have spent hundreds of hours on the button color , projection , borders and gradients, just to make the interface easier to use and beautiful. But in fact, the ultimate form of the excellent user interface is not easy , but invisible .
Perhaps you already know , the highlight of mobile devices in recent years . The advent of multi-touch devices leads to a sensational concept - the user interface is the rise of the computer interface makes the content of a series of clicks and events , mobile devices more natural. There are many reasons for this phenomenon , but the direct operation of the content , and to abandon outdated figurative things ( like one of those desktops ) gives the ease of use of these devices extremely high , because their interface is almost gone.
But we still need to work in desktop and laptop , we also need to browse sites that use web application. Those magical fun multi-touch technology , and it creates a more natural new user interface , it may not come in handy. Well, since we also can not be used , we want to continue to create those outdated and " get in the way " of the UI elements it? Of course not, it should be invisible interface UI designers and developers of each goal .
Interface, rather than obstacles
User interface to browse the contents should not become an obstacle or reach the goal . Prior to achieve the purpose , users do not need to go through those traps and random arrangement of UI navigation . Over the years, we are using and the invention of various UI obstacles. On the surface they seem to be able to solve certain problems , gave the user adds more burden. Bread crumbs is a perfect example . Generally accepted that let users know their location in the application , bread crumbs is a good choice. But it is more often just adding unnecessary UI elements , affecting the normal user experience.
Although the bread crumbs and did not give a direct burden on the user , but it occupies valuable screen space resources , which is used to guide the user to achieve this purpose and show content. Increase in bread crumbs to deal with navigation problems , it is better to try to resolve it directly . To " fix" some UI issues , often introducing new elements. However , too many unnecessary elements add up to the ultimate interface became a maze of obstacles . If blindly increase the UI elements , interface also how invisible ?
Resolve interface issues
This is closely related to our earlier talked about , but to create an invisible interface , meant to solve deeper problems , you have to really solve those problems . My back is a little fault , of course , knocked and taking analgesics can relieve pain, only a temporary solution . My lack of exercise, often listless , stiff like a stone . We treat the interface problem is the same. Creation site and APP , we always find all manner of problems. Most of the time we are just scratching the surface do to solve the problem , but hidden under the interface deeper problem . This is only piecemeal gap measures .
But it has become the practice , because we've got to learn to project managers, site owners , shareholders, project progress or just lazy struggle. We always used as a reason for user testing and AB testing.
"I knew something was wrong , but still by the user to verify whether this really is a problem ." This is not a good approach if you want to achieve stealth design . Completely transparent interface design meant to solve the deepest problems , they will not come out for chaos and become a stumbling block to the user .
Tolerant design
Tolerance, often a feature invisible user interface. Natural interface does not limit the variety of exploratory clicks. When a user enters a dead end , it does not easily display an error message , but directs users to elsewhere.
Tolerance means that users do not punish them when they make mistakes . User error , often because they can not foresee the results . We will always blame the user , and pop the big warnings and error messages to punish them . When users enter the trap , invisible interface will avoid punishment for them. Compared to pop up error messages, excellent interface applications designed to predict the error rate higher place and offer a solution, or even boot jump.
Tolerance means a site or rules can be broken APP user . This is the worst , but assuming you break > * antique vase he wanted to stick it back, but because the finger was caught sticking together , which is certainly the most profound lesson. Users compensate for errors they committed when they will be more aware of your APP, who do not appear red error icon and obscure copy.
The primary task of reaching the target
This is a perfect case of interaction design is Cooper ongoing project , given that it has not been on the line, I should only be allowed a little reminder - goal-oriented design. Your user interface design should also aim to start around . Not what the user wants or likes, to him, is simply not true . But mining user needs and then guide them achieve their goals. It's funny , they want to use for the user what kind of products can always rant , but then nothing about their own purposes . Your duty is to dig their needs , rather than requirements. " Requirements" will lead to a bloated interface , obstacles , so that users tired .
Identify targets and allows users to complete it as soon as possible , they do not care about other things , the destination is the biggest reward for them as soon as possible . Do not need to do this beautifully designed interface, designed to avoid the use of excessive compensation for a bad goal to boot.
Yes, in the world of user experience , we have been talking about the principle of consistency . Interface design , consistency is the key. If your interface elements are placed in the same location , with the same color and features , then your interface will gradually disappear ...... like Marty McFly same. However, if you just put all the buttons in the same position of each page , or to perform the same function with a particular operation , does not solve the consistency problem.
   User experience design, we often learn from APP or website identical or similar to those things . Before I wrote the article that explains how to make the interface similar environment more comfortable . However, we want to create a true stealth interface , not for a consistent and coherent , there is not enough light . Invisible interface has a " real identity" , not only the elements , values ​​, links, and other forms of data to show the unity of the scene and the meaning is the same.
For example , you should have noticed that a lot of other APP button or link on the top right corner of landing , so you would think that since the other APP are doing, put there certainly can not go wrong . But in your APP , and in that position perhaps meaningless. Instead of continuing to create a flawed interface , as the interface elements on the most appropriate location, and then continue its consistency throughout the product .
Conclusion: encouraging users
Finally, the excellent stealth design also requires encouraging users. When the interface from the user's steps, direct them towards the ultimate goal , the user will concentrate on their goals.
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